Willem Strydom


Willem joined Rademeyer Attorneys in January 2019 after completing his BEng (E&E), BCom (Law) and LLB at the University of Johannesburg. He was admitted as an attorney and patent attorney during the course of 2021.


He has experience in intellectual property law primarily focusing on patents and registered designs. His expertise lies in patent drafting, particularly in the electrical and electronic fields, prosecuting patent applications nationally and internationally, performing patent searches (subject matter and name/entity), and drafting infringement and validity opinions.


Due to his knowledge in the electrical and electronic fields, he has a passion for systems engineering, electronic circuitry, telecommunications, control and signal processing technology.

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  • BEng (E&E)
  • BCom(Law)
  • LLB


  • Patent Prosecution
  • Patent Prosecution and Litigation
  • Design Prosecution and Litigation